Duarte Gonçalves

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This paper proposes and discusses the ASAA (Application for Semi-Automatic Annotation) interface, a new computer game for image tagging. The application is composed by a 3D game interface, a game engine that uses a system for automatic image annotation and gestural input to play the game. The paper describes the rational and design principles for the(More)
Image annotation is hard to do in an automatic way. In this paper, we propose a framework for image annotation that combines the benefits of three paradigms: automatic annotation, human intervention and entertainment activities. We also describe our proposal inside this framework, the ASAA (application for semi-automatic annotation) interface, a new(More)
Manual annotation is difficult to perform in large image databases and the automatic methods deliver results that are far from what is desired by the users. New and fun ways to provide image annotation are required. This paper describes Tag Around, a computer game for image tagging. The application is based on a 3D game interface, a game engine that uses a(More)
Many doubts still exist about which freshwater mussel Unio species inhabit Northwest Africa. While some authors refer to the presence of Unio delphinus in the Atlantic North African basins of Morocco, a recent International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) assessment performed on Moroccan Unio species, recognised the existence of a distinct species,(More)
Providing the educational community with the means to analyze the results of educational processes may help pcorrect problematic situations, leading to a more successful education. Applying Data Mining to educational information provides the tools to analyze such data. However, results comprehend an extensive set of behaviors that consist of complex(More)
Simulation is an important aspect of engineering complex systems. In the real world, numerous problems can prevent the effective use of simulation. This paper looks at the tough question: When is a simulation effective? How would we know? The context and purpose of simulation are important in answering the question. If the simulation is viewed as a system,(More)
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