Duantip Moonmangmee

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Oxidative fermentations have been well established for a long time, especially in vinegar and in L-sorbose production. Recently, information on the enzyme systems involved in these oxidative fermentations has accumulated and new developments are possible based on these findings. We have recently isolated several thermotolerant acetic acid bacteria, which(More)
We succeeded in obtaining a strain adapted to higher temperature from a thermotolerant strain, Gluconobacter frateurii CHM43, for sorbose fermentation. The adapted strain showed higher growth and l-sorbose production than original CHM43 strain at higher temperature around 38.5–40 °C. It was also shown to be useful even with the fermentation without(More)
Microbial production of d-hexosaminate was examined by means of oxidative fermentation with acetic acid bacteria. In most strains of acetic acid bacteria, membrane-bound d-glucosamine dehydrogenase (synonymous with an alternative d-glucose dehydrogenase distinct from quinoprotein d-glucose dehydrogenase) oxidized d-hexosamines to the corresponding(More)
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