Duanning Zhou

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The Internet-enabled connectivity has created opportunities for businesses to conduct various forms of collaborative activities. However, the findings of several surveys indicate that the deficiencies in data quality might compromise the potential benefits of joint efforts. Global data synchronization (GDS), the process of timely updating product data to(More)
Purpose – The paper aims to investigate the effect of compositions of managerial/demographic characteristics of the top management team (TMT) on the extent of information technology (IT) adoption in small businesses (SMEs), where such strategic decisions made by TMT have direct and significant influence on all aspects of business operations and its(More)
E-commerce Web site assessment helps determine whether a corporation's Web site is effectively designed to meet its business needs and whether the investment in Web sites is well justified. Due to the complexity of commercial Web sites that may include hundreds of Web pages for many big corporations, there may inevitably exist uncertainties when human(More)
One of the most important decisions made in academic institutions, research organizations, and government agencies is the grading or ranking of journals for their academic values. Current methods for evaluating journals use either a subjective (e.g., experts’ judgments on journals) or objective approach (e.g., impact factors of journals), or an informal mix(More)
Group decision making methods such as Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) have been developed extensively, but their organizational use for group decision making has been difficult. According to Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, one possible reason is that a group decision outcome could never satisfy every decision maker’s individual preference. This paper(More)
In this paper we introduce the concepts of k-p-in x codes, n-k-ps-in x languages, n-k-in xout x codes, and n-k-pre x-su x languages, which are natural generalizations of our previous work on k-pre x codes, k-in x codes and so on. We obtain several properties of k-p-in x codes and semaphore codes. The relations and hierarchies of k-p-in x codes,(More)
In this paper we propose an Improved Kernel Linear Discriminant Analysis algorithm to analyze the distribution differences between cover images and stego-images in the reduced dimensional space. We observe that the hidden information, the information hidden in the cover images, of stego-images are clustered in a plane while all other information of cover(More)
This paper investigates the multiple attribute decision making (MADM) problems with preference information on alternatives. An integrated approach is proposed to solve the MADM problems, where decision makers' subjective preference information on alternatives are given in different formats, uniformed and aggregated. The resulting social subjective(More)
Assessment of projects with multiple criteria is very common in education and business organizations. This paper reports the use of fuzzy set theory for assessment of students' projects in an education setting. The whole assessment process includes four stages, namely generation of basic assessment criteria, selection of assessment criteria, determination(More)