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The computation of the first complete approximations of game-theoretic optimal strategies for full-scale poker is addressed. Several abstraction techniques are combined to represent the game of 2-player Texas Hold'em, having size Despite the reduction in size by a factor of 100 billion, the resulting models retain the key properties and structure of the(More)
The checkers program Chinook has won the right to play a 40-game match for the World Checkers Championship against Dr. Marion Tinsley. This was earned by placing second, after Dr. Tinsley, at the 1990 U.S. National Open, the biennial event used to determine a challenger for the Championship. This is the first time a program has earned the right to contest(More)
Poker is an interesting test-bed for artificial intelligence research. It is a game of imperfect information, where multiple competing agents must deal with probabilistic knowledge, risk assessment, and possible deception, not unlike decisions made in the real world. Opponent modeling is another difficult problem in decision-making applications, and it is(More)
Poker is an interesting test-bed for artificial intelligence research. It is a game of imperfect knowledge, where multiple competing agents must deal with risk management, agent modeling, unreliable information and deception, much like decision-making applications in the real world. Agent modeling is one of the most difficult problems in decision-making(More)
MOTIVATION Identifying the destination or localization of proteins is key to understanding their function and facilitating their purification. A number of existing computational prediction methods are based on sequence analysis. However, these methods are limited in scope, accuracy and most particularly breadth of coverage. Rather than using sequence(More)
Enterprise is a programming environment for designing, coding, debugging, testing, monitoring, profiling, and executing programs for distributed hardware. Developers using Enterprise do not deal with low-level programming details such as marshalling data, sending/receiving messages, and synchronization. Instead, they write their programs in C, augmented by(More)
Equilibrium or near-equilibrium solutions to very large extensive form games are often computed by using abstractions to reduce the game size. A common abstraction technique for games with a large number of available actions is to restrict the number of legal actions in every state. This method has been used to discover equilibrium solutions for the game of(More)
BASys (Bacterial Annotation System) is a web server that supports automated, in-depth annotation of bacterial genomic (chromosomal and plasmid) sequences. It accepts raw DNA sequence data and an optional list of gene identification information and provides extensive textual annotation and hyperlinked image output. BASys uses >30 programs to determine(More)
We describe the TIGUKAT objectbase management system, which is under development at the Laboratory for Database Systems Research at the University of Alberta. TIGUKAT has a novel object model, whose identifying characteristics include a purely behavioral semantics and a uniform approach to objects. Everything in the system, including types, classes,(More)