Duane Stevens

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Recent empirical evidence indicates that although fitness and fitness components tend to have low heritability in natural populations, they may nonetheless have relatively large components of additive genetic variance. The molecular basis of additive genetic variation has been investigated in model organisms but never in the wild. In this article we(More)
A critical element to the accurate prediction of fire/weather behaviour is the knowledge of near-surface weather. Weather variables, such as wind, temperature, humidity and precipitation, make direct impacts on the practice of managing prescribed burns and fighting wild fires. State-of-the-art Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), coupled with the use of high(More)
The Hawaiian Islands consist of dramatic terrain changes over short distances, resulting in a variety of microclimates in close proximity. To handle these challenging conditions, weather models must be run at very fine vertical and horizontal resolutions to produce accurate forecasts. Computational demands require Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) to(More)
Solar irradiance forecasting is an important problem in renewable energy management where any dips in solar energy generation must be made up for by reserves in order to ensure an uninterrupted energy supply. In this paper, we study several data mining methods for short term solar irradiance forecasting at a given location. In particular, we apply linear(More)
Granulocytes from dogs obtained by continuous-flow centrifugation leukapheresis were purified by counterflow centrifugation-elutriation using a modified rotor and enlarged separation chamber. The separation chamber has a threefold increase in volume capacity, as compared to the commercial Beckman Instruments' separation chamber, and the quantity and purity(More)
The goals of this research are to develop the capability to monitor and predict the dispersion of post-eruptive plumes of volcanic aerosol as they originate from the Pu'u'O'o vent of Kilauea Volcano, and to mitigate the impact of these aerosols on respiratory health and general aviation. A combination of satellite remote sensing, aircraft and ground-based(More)
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