Duane Schwartzwald

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Standard methods for image interpolation are based on smoothly fitting the image intensity surface. Recent edgedirected interpolation methods add limited geometric information (edge maps) to build more accurate and visually appealing interpolations at key contours in the image. This paper presents a method for geometry-based interpolation that smoothly fits(More)
We report a case of a vesicouterine fistula with menouria (vesical menstruation) secondary to an intrauterine contraceptive device. Of the 23 cases of menouria reported previously 21 occurred after cesarean section, 1 was secondary to a traumatic forceps delivery and 1 was owing to infection. In our case the fistula did not close after removal of the(More)
Proteomics is a rapidly emerging field of research that will help identify and characterize the complex proteins that are responsible for the function of complex biological systems. For detection and identification of separated components, mass spectrometry is evolving to be the method-of-choice because of its high sensitivity and its ability to(More)
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