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To assess whether prostaglandins contribute to the control of basal retinal and choroidal hemodynamics, retinal (RBF) and choroidal blood flow (ChBF) were measured by a microsphere technique in 1- to 4-day-old pigs before and after (at 20 and 60 min) administration of indomethacin (0.3 mg/kg, n = 6 or 10 mg/kg, n = 5), ibuprofen (40 mg/kg, n = 7), naproxen(More)
Previous studies of the ex vivo lung have suggested significant intersubject variability in lung lobe geometry. A quantitative description of normal lung lobe shape would therefore have value in improving the discrimination between normal population variability in shape and pathology. To quantify normal human lobe shape variability, a principal component(More)
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