Duane C Keller

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A normal part of the oral flora, Kingella kingae has seldom been recognized as the cause of serious clinical infections. We report a case of documented septic arthritis caused by K. kingae in an otherwise healthy infant. We suggest that it may be more common than thought based on the general unfamiliarity with this organism and the fact that several dozen(More)
BACKGROUND Periodontitis is a classic example of biofilm-mediated diseases. METHODS The authors reviewed selected publications in English-language peer-reviewed journals with respect to microbial biofilms, focusing on representative works that provided a historical to a contemporary perspective on periodontal oral biofilms in the larger context of biofilm(More)
OBJECTIVE This study is a proof of concept to determine the efficacy of a custom-fabricated tray in placing antimicrobial and debriding agents in the periodontal pockets of persons with active gingival infections. Localized subgingival delivery of antimicrobial and antibiotic agents is routinely employed as adjunctive therapy for the treatment and(More)
This article demonstrates how the oral biofilm functions and the effects this biofilm has on the host immune system. Various components of the oral biofilm affect the immune system through a variety of ways with a resulting systemic inflammatory response. Treatment of the biofilm is an integral aspect to decrease the immune system responses, along with(More)
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