Duane B. Myers

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Low molecular weight (Mr 200-1500) N-formylated peptides that stimulate many leucocyte functions, including chemotaxis and lysosomal enzyme release, have previously been isolated from Escherichia coli cultures. We have used high-performance liquid chromatography and bioassay techniques to study production of such peptides by intestinal bacteria in vitro and(More)
Glutaraldehyde fixation and osmication of rat sciatic nerve and human sural nerve did not appreciably alter the apparent weight of collagen in nerve fasciculi as determined by hydroxyproline analysis of hydrolysed samples. The collagen content of autopsied peripheral nerve is unaltered at least up to 24 h after death. The mean endoneurial weight of collagen(More)
A direct view has been obtained of the manner in which the fibrous components components and chondrocytes in hyaline cartilage respond to the application of uniaxial tensile loading and plane-strain compressive loading. A micro-mechanical testing device has been developed which inserts directly into the stage of a high-resolution optical microscope fitted(More)
Many challenges currently facing agriculture require long-term data on landscape-scale hydrologic responses to weather, such as from the Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed (GCEW), located in northeastern Missouri, USA. This watershed is prone to surface runoff despite shallow slopes, as a result of a significant smectitic clay layer 30 to 50 cm deep(More)
Collagen content of rat sciatic nerve was measured 10 weeks after either nerve transection or nerve crush. Nerve transection led to a significant increase in fascicular collagen in nerve segments 2.5 mm proximal and distal to the injury site. Remote from the transection, fascicular collagen was also significantly increased, this effect being most marked(More)
A new electronic dynanometer was developed and used to determine hand grip function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Triplicate pressure-time recordings of grip for each hand were used to calculate maximum grip strength, time required to reach 95% maximum grip strength (t95), total work and maximum power output. Measurements were done on 30 women aged(More)