Duane B. Myers

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Collagen content of rat sciatic nerve was measured 10 weeks after either nerve transection or nerve crush. Nerve transection led to a significant increase in fascicular collagen in nerve segments 2.5 mm proximal and distal to the injury site. Remote from the transection, fascicular collagen was also significantly increased, this effect being most marked(More)
Glutaraldehyde fixation and osmication of rat sciatic nerve and human sural nerve did not appreciably alter the apparent weight of collagen in nerve fasciculi as determined by hydroxyproline analysis of hydrolysed samples. The collagen content of autopsied peripheral nerve is unaltered at least up to 24 h after death. The mean endoneurial weight of collagen(More)
Introduction The purpose of this paper is in offering an overview and literature review of 10 'emblematic' technology characterisation (TC) documents of a variety of hydrogen technologies. These documents are seen as emblematic in that they are authored by recognised names in the field, address a broad span of hydrogen technologies (in that they deal with(More)
Objectives • Develop realistic and internally consistent detailed designs for automotive gasoline fuel processor/ proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems and direct hydrogen PEM fuel cell systems by using current-year technology. • Apply Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) design and costing techniques to compare system designs at low,(More)
Rate of grip development (power), time to reach maximum grip strength and fatigue were not affected by the diurnal variation known to influence maximum grip strength and work during grip formation in normal subjects. Rheumatoid hands were less affected by exercise or temperature change of the forearm than were normal hands. Cold more consistently produced(More)
Rat sciatic nerve was assayed for total collagen and total protein both immediately post-mortem and at weekly intervals after death. No significant difference was found in collagen and protein content between corresponding nerve segments assayed fresh and up to 4 weeks post mortem. However, variation was found in peripheral nerve collagen content between(More)
A quantitative analysis of ulnar nerve collagen in the arm and forearm was undertaken in nine subjects. While endoneurial collagen was found to be significantly increased within the cubital tunnel, extrafascicular collagen did not increase at the elbow except in two nerves showing fusiform enlargements. Renaut bodies increased in frequency at sites of high(More)
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