Duane A Williams

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Pain catastrophizing, or characterizations of pain as awful, horrible and unbearable, is increasingly being recognized as an important factor in the experience of pain. The purpose of this investigation was to examine the association between catastrophizing, as measured by the Coping Strategies Questionnaire Catastrophizing Subscale, and brain responses to(More)
BACKGROUND The importance of the scapular stabilizing muscles has led to an increased interest in quantitative measurements of their strength. Few studies have measured isometric or concentric isokinetic forces. Additionally, limited reports exist on the reliability of objective measures for testing scapular protraction and retraction muscle strength or(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical investigation of shoulder injuries commonly utilizes visual evaluation of scapular movement to determine if abnormal or asymmetrical movements are related to the injury. To date, the intrarater reliability and diagnostic accuracy of visual evaluation of scapular movement among physical therapists are not known. PURPOSE The aims of this(More)
We examined the relationship between changes in plasma volume (PV) following simulated weightlessness and the response of blood lactate (BL) and plasma free fatty acids (FFA) during exercise. Ten healthy men (35-49 yr) performed 15 min of submaximal upright cycle ergoemetry at a workrate of 57% of pre-bed rest (BR) maximal oxygen uptake before and after 10(More)
Native Indians in the Sioux Lookout Zone of Northwestern Ontario experience lower mortality from cardiovascular diseases than does the general Canadian population, despite a higher prevalence of such risk factors as smoking, obesity, and hypertension. To investigate whether this pattern may be related to the population distribution of serum lipids, the(More)
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