Duan-sheng Chen

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Different environmental illumination has a great impact on face detection and recognition. Automatic detection and radiant correction of highlighted region on face image is helpful to identify human faces correctly in a color image. In this paper we present a novel approach based on dichromatic reflection model to detect and remove highlight in face region.(More)
Searching through information based on a photograph, which may contain graphics and images, has become a popular trend, such as in electronic books, journals, and products. Although many context-based methods have been proposed to retrieve images, most work focuses on selecting appropriate features for different objects. In the present study, we apply(More)
The majority of methods for recognizing human actions are based on single-view video or multi-camera data. In this paper, we propose a novel multi-surface video analysis strategy. The video can be expressed as three-surface motion feature (3SMF) and spatio-temporal interest feature. 3SMF is extracted from the motion history image in three different video(More)
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