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Addressing SAR image speckle denoising, this dissertation proposes a new method based on bivariate shrinkage function combined with enhancement of wavelet significant coefficients, which allows us to consider the dependencies between coefficients. In our paper we make the speckle noise model suit the bivariate shrinkage function, and the joint probability(More)
The teacher e-portfolio based on network is a product of modern information technology, it can record the teacher’s growth of instruction, strengthen their personal knowledge management, and more important, it can enhance their instruction reflection. Teacher professional development is an issue of general concern in education field, particularly(More)
VRML is mainly used to make 3D user interface and to control dynamic display in real-time state. Java is responsible for correspondence between Web browser and VRML scene, also for linkage with other information system section. Paper first introduced default VRML’s invisible 3D viewer’s avatar modeling. Then mainly discussed VRML and Java(More)
Paper introduced the concept of human body skeleton model, and discussed two kinds of commonly used 3D human body format. One is BVH file, currently the basis human body format supported by Poser and 3DMax. The other is H-ANIM standard, which is tightly integrated with VRML. Then we introduced VRML avatar explorer mode. Finally gives out a practical avatar(More)
Analysis by synthesis, there are two kinds of methods to implement virtual scene dynamic control, whether in the manner of external control mode or in the manner of internal control mode. In order to satisfy the requirement of real-time data input and output for peripheral equipment system, it is strongly demanded to adopt scene external control mode. When(More)
The modality of expression for todaypsilas higher education system has been greatly enriched by the development and application of 3D virtual study technology. First introduce the concepts and effecting factors of constructive theory, and then give out a virtual study target description. Mainly discuss the research and application of a virtual three(More)
VRML text is commonly used in virtual scene to be description for scene, or further prompting information, or conducting hyperlink in WWW. Same with other general model, VRML text model can have different appearance and material properties, and even the texture. But as a matter of fact, VRML text model is just a flat shape without any thickness. Its 3D(More)
Virtual avatar interactive technology is the foundation for cooperative multi-user to apperceive current colony's working status. When running VRML program, an invisible explorer avatar can be assumed in three-dimensional space. Based on VRML, described its avatar application, extension technology, browser function and explore navigation. Mainly studied the(More)
Virtual education is a newly developed multimedia technique domain in all kinds of teaching and learning level, from kindergarten to university education. Paper mainly studied four kinds of multimedia elements' virtual education application; they are graphics, static image, sound and animation. Virtual modeling based on graphics is the establishment(More)