DuYong Ng

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spectroradiometers and spectrophotometers. 3 These devices measure radiometric quantities 4 or the ratio of these quantities such as spectral reflectance and trans-mittance factors 4 as a function of wavelength. Tristimulus values of a color signal can be obtained by calculating the inner product of the measured spectra (sampled at discrete intervals) and(More)
CMOS-compatible nonlinear optics platforms with high Kerr nonlinearity facilitate the generation of broadband spectra based on self-phase modulation. Our ultra - silicon rich nitride (USRN) platform is designed to have a large nonlinear refractive index and low nonlinear losses at 1.55 μm for the facilitation of wideband spectral broadening. We investigate(More)
CMOS platforms operating at the telecommunications wavelength either reside within the highly dissipative two-photon regime in silicon-based optical devices, or possess small nonlinearities. Bandgap engineering of non-stoichiometric silicon nitride using state-of-the-art fabrication techniques has led to our development of USRN (ultra-silicon-rich nitride)(More)
Electromagnetic waves are studied with applications to microwave remote sensing, geophysical subsurface probing, microstrip antenna problems, and optical beam dif-fraction by periodic structures. Acoustic waves are also being studied with application to geophysical exploration. Refereed journal articles and conference papers published in the past year are(More)
[1] At various altitudes in the plasmasphere, sounder pulses from the Radio Plasma Imager (RPI) instrument on the IMAGE satellite can couple strongly to protons, a process revealed in echo time delay versus frequency forms that arrive at multiples of the local proton cyclotron period t p. Lower-altitude (<4000 km) versions of two of these proton cyclotron(More)
Ultra-thin nitrided SiO/sub 2/ (10 /spl Aring/ SiON) and high-k HfO/sub 2/ gate dielectric thin film metrology and chemical characteristics are studied using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Different specimen preparation methods and TEM analytical techniques are compared to understand their impacts on the results. Ultra thin SiON thickness measured(More)
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