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This paper proposes a general natural language interface for operating systems. It adopts an Application-Independent Hierarchic approach (AIH) to developing general natural language interfaces. AIH separates the application-specific part of natural language processing from the nonspecific one, and represents the former declaratively. In addition to the(More)
This paper proposes an intelligent operating system, KZ2, which is a new generation OS to manage the resources of massively parallel computing systems, to provide a friendly human-computer interface, and control the execution of programs based on knowledge processing and parallel processing. A knowledge based demonstrative example is also described in the(More)
This paper proposes an Intelligent Operating System (IOS) as the next generation operating system. IOS integrates operating system with artificial intelligence technology, and its key feature is an intelligent man machine communication mechanism which makes the computer systems more friendly. The concepts, functions and architecture of IOS are introduced(More)
Traditionally, it cannot achieve the desired detection performance by only using CFAR criterion or CDR criterion to calculate decision threshold in spectrum sensing energy detection algorithms. With the decrease of SNR, noise error will accumulate, and algorithm complexity will increase. To solving these problems, this paper proposes a new iterative(More)
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