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In this paper, rough set theory is applied to the clustering analysis. The clustering decision table is formed through the introduction of decision attribute into data table, thereby further defining the attribute membership matrix. The consistent degree and aggregate degree are present, and their functions in the clustering process are deeply analyzed. The(More)
By applying the health protection method of “bu” and the treatment method “xie” from traditional Chinese medicine to ant colony system (ACS), a novel ant colony system (CACS) is proposed. The core of CACS lies in the construction of “bu” operator and “xie” operator. The “bu” operator is made up of the good solution elements pool and the “bu” operation. The(More)
A novel ant colony system which employs a candidate set strategy based on Delaunay triangulation (CSDT) and a self-adaptive mutation operator (SMO) for TSP (DSMACS) is proposed. Under the condition that all the edges in the global optimal tour are nearly all contained in the candidate sets, CSDT can limit the selection scope of ants at each step to average(More)