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Face recognition under viewpoint and illumination changes is a difficult problem, so many researchers have tried to solve this problem by producing the pose-and illumination-invariant feature. Zhu et al. [26] changed all arbitrary pose and illumination images to the frontal view image to use for the invariant feature. In this scheme, preserving identity(More)
We investigated the eeects of ambient illumination on the color appearance of CRT which was positioned in a room illuminated by experimental illuminants, F2, F5, and F8. The luminance of these illuminants were controlled at three levels. The observers adjusted a color patch on the CRT to nd achromatic matching on a random color background. The chromaticity(More)
Image indexing is the process of image retrieval from databases of images or videos based on their contents. Specifically, histogram-based algorithms are considered to be effective for color image indexing. We suggest a new method of color space quantization in the CIELUV color space, named weighted LUV quantization. With this method, each bin in the LUV(More)