Du Shen

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Application profiling is an important performance analysis technique, when an application under test is analyzed dynamically to determine its space and time complexities and the usage of its instructions. A big and important challenge is to profile nontrivial web applications with large numbers of combinations of their input parameter values. Identifying(More)
Driver distraction by mobile phones has been a huge threat that leads to unnecessary accidents and human casualties, especially in hazardous road conditions. In this paper, we address a fundamental but critical issue of phone use during the driver behind the wheel. We propose, design and implement SafeDrive which achieves the goal of automatically(More)
Wireless video streaming on smartphones drains a significantly large fraction of battery energy, which is primarily consumed by wireless network interfaces for downloading unused data and repeatedly switching radio interface. In this paper, we propose an energy-efficient download scheduling algorithm for video streaming based on an aggregate model that(More)
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