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The 3D Face Feature Extraction and Driving Method on Pronunciation Rehabilitation for Impaired Hearing
The 3D conversation based pronunciation rehabilitation method for impaired hearing children is a new visual teaching auxiliary technology, which overcomes traditional teaching model and is used more widely. Expand
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Articulatory Speech Synthesis: A Survey
For a long time articulatory modeling of vocal tract and speech production organs have been widely researched. Expand
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Induced Voltage and Current on Double Circuits with Same Tower
When one of double circuit transmission lines is in operation and the other is for examining and repair, induced voltage and current will occur on the latter line which is derived from electrostaticExpand
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Dynamic Extraction Method of 3D Parameters of Tongue for Pronunciation Recovery About Impaired Hearing Children
3D talking head technology is applied in speech training of impaired hearing children, and dynamic extraction method of 3D parameters of tongue in 3D talkingHead is posed. Expand
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Breath Training for Hearing Impaired Hearing Chinldre Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics
Breath training is an important part in the pronunciation recovery process, we simulate the fluent of air in the the upper respiratory tract, use computational fluid dynamic to build the impaired hearing children's pronunciation recovery system, and we have tasted the reliability of the system. Expand
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Diagnosability of Slowly Changing Fault of Hybrid System
The premise of model-based diagnosis is that the system for diagnosing is diagnosable. Previous methods to diagnose fault are mainly based on the assumption of abrupt change, and under this kind ofExpand
A Study of Face Motion Capture and Its Data Processing Technique Applied to the Speech Training of Hearing-impaired Children
In this thesis the face motion capture technique is applied to the language rehabilitation training of hearing-impaired children with a presentation accordingly of an arrangement suited for the face marking feature points. Expand
The design and implementation of infrared communication modules
This paper introduces the basic principles of the infrared communication.The program of lower computer of infrared communication is developed on the basis of the TFDU4100 infrared module on theExpand
Basic research of block ciphers
In this paper we first introduce the definition of block cipher,and propose some classic algorithms and their design ideas in the development of the block cipher.Then we go on with some important methods in block cipher cryptanalysis. Expand