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In this paper we present a new measure for corner detection based on the eigenvalues of the covariance matrix of boundary points over a small region of support. It avoids false alarms for superfluous corners on circular arcs. Experimental results have shown that the proposed corner detection methods using curvature measures. It has good detection and(More)
Normalized cross correlation has been used extensively for many machine vision applications, but the traditional normalized correlation operation does not meet speed requirements for time-critical applications. In this paper, we propose a fast normalized cross correlation computation for defect detection application. A sum-table scheme is utilized, which(More)
In video surveillance, detection of moving objects from an image sequence is very important for target tracking, activity recognition, and behavior understanding. Background subtraction is a very popular approach for foreground segmentation in a still scene image. In order to compensate for illumination changes, a background model updating process is(More)
The OtsuÕs method has been proven as an efficient method in image segmentation for bi-level thresholding. However, this method is computationally intensive when extended to multi-level thresholding. In this paper, we present a hybrid optimization scheme for multiple thresholding by the criteria of (1) OtsuÕs minimum within-group variance and (2) Gaussian(More)