Du-Ming Tsai

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In this paper we present a new measure for corner detection based on the eigenvalues of the covariance matrix of boundary points over a small region of support. It avoids false alarms for superfluous corners on circular arcs. Experimental results have shown that the proposed corner detection methods using curvature measures. It has good detection and(More)
Normalized cross correlation has been used extensively for many machine vision applications, but the traditional normalized correlation operation does not meet speed requirements for time-critical applications. In this paper, we propose a fast normalized cross correlation computation for defect detection application. A sum-table scheme is utilized, which(More)
In video surveillance, detection of moving objects from an image sequence is very important for target tracking, activity recognition, and behavior understanding. Background subtraction is a very popular approach for foreground segmentation in a still scene image. In order to compensate for illumination changes, a background model updating process is(More)
In this paper we present a new distance metric that incorporates the distance variation in a cluster to regularize the distance between a data point and the cluster centroid. It is then applied to the conventional fuzzy C-means (FCM) clustering in data space and the kernel fuzzy C-means (KFCM) clustering in a high-dimensional feature space. Experiments on(More)
In automatic surface inspection, one has to solve the problem of detecting small surface defects which locally break the homogeneity of a texture pattern. Textures are generally classified into two major types, structural and statistical [1]. Structural textures are those that are composed of repetitions of some basic texture primitive, such as directional(More)
In this paper we aim at the segmentation of focused objects in complex visual images that contain foreground and background objects. The proposed approach is an unsupervised edge-based segmentation that relies on the measurement of defocus (blur) for object edges in an image. The amount of defocus at an edge pixel is evaluated using the moment-preserving(More)
In this paper, we present a multiresolution approach for the inspection of local defects embedded in homogeneously textured surfaces. It is based on an efficient image restoration scheme using the wavelet transforms. By properly selecting the smooth subimage or the combination of detail subimages at different resolution levels for image reconstruction, the(More)