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GPU computing architecture-based discrete voxelized burning surface calculation method for complex SRM grains
To calculate burning surface of complex SRM grains in a more efficient and more generalized way,a 3D discrete voxels-represented burning surface calculation method was proposed. Expand
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Research on feature design of SRM grains driven by variational constraint sketch
In order to make solid rocket motor grain design more intuitive and accurate, a kind of 3D feature design method of SRM grains driven by the variational constraint sketch was put forward. Expand
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The Confucianist Spirit and Gentleman Person Personality in Song Dynasty
The Confucianist spirit was the Chinese ancient times's mainstream culture,it with the Taoism thought combined action,had the important influence to ancient times's writer literaryExpand
Numerical simulation and experiment of flow separation in SRM nozzle
The flow separation in the overexpanded nozzle on the ground was studied.First of all,commercial software of CFD was used to simulate the fluid field of overexpanded nozzle.Several flow simulationExpand
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Effects of the Content of the Emulsification Agent on the Corrosion Resistance of Zn-base Coating
A new high corrosion resistant Zn-base coating,prepared with flake zinc powder,aluminum powder,chromic(acid) anhydride and some other organic matter,possesses good combination force and excellentExpand
Effect of Aqueous Extract From Parashorea chinensis Seeds on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Four Kinds of Plants
In order to explore the characteristics of endogenous substance in Parashorea chinensis,this experiment studied influence of different concentrations of the aqueous extract from Parashorea chinensisExpand
Application of dynamic mesh to unsteady burning of solid rocket motor
Based on flow field calculation software(Fluent),dynamic mesh technique and UDF document,defining shift of burning surface boundary by using DEFINE_GRID_MOTION function and boundary type by usingExpand
Application of sonar in seepage detection of Baiyun Hydropower Station
Through an engineering case of underwater seepage detection of concrete slab of Baiyun Hydropower Station in Hunan Province by sonar,we present the measuring principle,technologies and results withExpand
Natural characteristics and dynamic load coefficient of power four embranchments gear transmission
Dynamic model of power four embranchments gear transmission system has been provided,and vibration equation of a single axis has also been established based on axis-element method.With the gearExpand
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