Dušan Suščević

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BACKGROUND/AIM Changes in the morphology and the size of the corpus callosum, are related to various pathological conditions. An analysis of these changes requires data about sexual dimorphism of the corpus callosum, which we tried to obtain in our study. We also investigated the method of digital morphometry and compared the obtained results with the(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of morphology of human anterior cingulate and medial frontal cortex related to the knee of corpus callosum is important in the diagnostics and neurosurgical treatment. Neuroimaging studies did not provide a clear picture of this region, what is also caused by terminological inconsistencies. It is not always clear what is actually(More)
Precuneus, a quadrangular gyms of the medial surface of the human parietal lobe, is bound by three primary brain sulci and by superior hemispheric border. Precise encephalometric data about precuneus are important in the studies of brain lateralization, sex dimorphism, and brain functions in general. In this study, total and visible (exstrasulcal) surface(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Studies of visible (extrasulcal) surface of the brain hemispheres are not feasible for measurements of the brain size, but are valuable for analysis and quantification of sexual dimorphism and/or asymmetries of the human brain. Morphological and morphometric investigations of the brain may contribute in genetic studies of the human nervous(More)
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