Dušan Klinar

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The microalga Chlorella vulgaris was cultured in a combined medium obtained by mixing standard Jaworski medium with a solution from the modified Solvay process that contained only NaHCO(3) and NH(4)Cl. Cell number, pH and nitrogen content were monitored throughout growth. Lipids were extracted from lyophilised biomass using CHCl(3)-MeOH. A combination of(More)
Severely comminuted fractures of the lateral tibial plateau with central defects of the articular cartilage have traditionally been treated with iliac crest or patellar autograft, with varying success. Arthrodesis or arthroplasty for late deformity or instability are not suitable for young, active patients. The use of the fibular head as a replacement for(More)
Biochar as a soil amendment and carbon sink becomes in last period one of the vast, interesting product of slow pyrolysis. Simplest and most used industrial process arrangement is a production of biochar and heat at the same time. Proposed mass and heat balance model consist of heat consumers (heat demand side) and heat generation-supply side. Direct(More)
Lentinus edodes (Berk.) Singer fruiting bodies were cultivated on substrates composed of beech sawdust, wheat bran, and calcium sulfate hemihydrate (gypsum), containing different proportions of olive oil press cakes (OOPC). We determined the influence of OOPC on fruiting bodies production and proliferation of CCRF-CEM leukemia cells. A negative influence of(More)
Grifola frondosa, a medicinal and edible mushroom, was cultivated on substrates composed of olive oil press cakes with different supplements. Crude extracts were prepared from mature fruiting bodies and tested for their capacity to stimulate splenocyte proliferation. Two wild-growing fruiting bodies were extracted for comparison. Olive oil press cakes(More)
A successful co-gasification of plastics and biomass was achieved on the 100 kW dual fluidized bed (DFB) gasification pilot plant. The results of a pilot plant experiment were used as a sound basis for scale-up prediction to 750 kW semi-industrial DFB plant. By an eightfold increase of mass and heat flows a rather simplified co-gasification process was(More)
Human activities have caused an enormous rise of the CO2 concentration in the Earth's atmosphere over the past 200 years. In order to alleviate this problem, the threats to and the concerns of the international community need to be converted into economic opportunities for national economies, which shall develop and utilize technological opportunities(More)
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