Duša Hodžić

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BACKGROUND Gene electrotransfer is a nonviral method used for DNA delivery into cells. Several steps are involved. One of them is the interaction of DNA with the cell membrane, which is crucial before DNA can enter the cell. We analysed the level of DNA-membrane interaction in relation to electrotransfer efficiency and the importance of the electrophoretic(More)
Inactivation of microorganisms with pulsed electric fields is one of the nonthermal methods most commonly used in biotechnological applications such as liquid food pasteurization and water treatment. In this study, the effects of microsecond and nanosecond pulses on inactivation of Escherichia coli in distilled water were investigated. Bacterial colonies(More)
The use of plasmid DNA (pDNA) as a pharmaceutical tool has increased since it represents a safer vector for gene transfer compared to viral vectors. Different pDNA extraction methods have been described; among them is alkaline lysis, currently the most commonly used. Although alkaline lysis represents an established method for isolation of pDNA, some(More)
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