Duša Hodžić

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BACKGROUND Gene electrotransfer is a nonviral method used for DNA delivery into cells. Several steps are involved. One of them is the interaction of DNA with the cell membrane, which is crucial before DNA can enter the cell. We analysed the level of DNA-membrane interaction in relation to electrotransfer efficiency and the importance of the electrophoretic(More)
The HER2 proto-oncogene product is overexpressed in 30% of breast cancers, and this correlates with poor prognosis. Increased levels of HER2 mRNA in breast cancer cell lines result from increased gene transcription. We report the identification of a new 17-bp-long cis sequence located between positions -506 and -489 from the transcription start site. This(More)
Inactivation of microorganisms with pulsed electric fields is one of the nonthermal methods most commonly used in biotechnological applications such as liquid food pasteurization and water treatment. In this study, the effects of microsecond and nanosecond pulses on inactivation of Escherichia coli in distilled water were investigated. Bacterial colonies(More)
IGF-II is a polypeptide growth factor with growth and differentiation promoting activities, involved in human development. We have reported previously IGF-II mRNA and peptide overexpression in primary human colon cancers. Here we show that the IGF-II peptide content is increased in six primary colon cancers compared to the corresponding healthy tissues. The(More)
The use of plasmid DNA (pDNA) as a pharmaceutical tool has increased since it represents a safer vector for gene transfer compared to viral vectors. Different pDNA extraction methods have been described; among them is alkaline lysis, currently the most commonly used. Although alkaline lysis represents an established method for isolation of pDNA, some(More)
We are entitled to state that our knowledge about the IGF system has literally exploded in the last years. Having been considered for some time merely as trophic and mitogenic factors, the IGFs now appear as molecules essential for the differentiation of many cell types, and even more so, as powerful protective agents for the nervous and the cardiovascular(More)
The human IGF2 gene belongs to a group of imprinted genes clustered on the short arm of chromosome 11, band p15.5. It contains 9 exons and spans over 30 kb. IGF2 mRNA overexpression has been reported in human tumours and in some inherited growth disorders. It was recently demonstrated that IGF2 mRNA overexpression contributes to tumour progression and that(More)
The expression of members of the IGF system in a mesothelioma from a patient suffering from hypoglycemia, in term placenta and HT29 colon adenocarcinoma cells were compared. Very high levels of IGF-II mRNA and protein were detected in the mesothelioma. Moreover, half of the IGF-II protein took the high-molecular-weight form. We also analyzed the parental(More)
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