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We present the analytic solution of the self-organized critical (SOC) forest-fire model in one dimension proving SOC in systems without conservation laws by analytic means. Under the condition that the system is in the steady state and very close to the critical point, we calculate the probability that a string of n neighboring sites is occupied by a given(More)
We introduce a nonequilibrium percolation model which shows a selforganized critical (SOC) state and several periodic states. In the SOC state, the correlation length diverges slower than the system size, and the corresponding exponent depends non universally on the parameter of the model. The periodic states contain an infinite cluster covering only part(More)
We study the three-spin model and the Ising spin glass in a field using the Migdal-Kadanoff approximation. The flows of the couplings and fields indicate no phase transition, but they show even for the three-spin model a slow crossover to the asymptotic high-temperature behavior for large values of the coupling. We have also evaluated a quantity that is a(More)