Dror Parnes

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We explore the joint effect of expected government support to banks and changes in sovereign credit ratings on bank stock returns using data for banks in 37 countries between 1995 and 2011. We find that sovereign credit rating downgrades have a large negative effect on bank stock returns for those banks that are expected to receive stronger support from(More)
We examine the relation between corporate governance and bankruptcy risk as an underlying force affecting a bond’s yield. The level of corporate governance is captured by the G-index, along with the explicit groups of governance provisions. We estimate bankruptcy risk by Z-score, by cash-flow-score, by O-score, through Merton structural model default(More)
In this study we theoretically simulate default risk scenarios under various economic noises. We find that firms default more quickly with stronger economic shocks but simultaneously expose higher default probabilities during their deterioration, offering traders better visibility. When the macroeconomic environment exhibits positive autocorrelation, the(More)
In the paper, a clinical experience with treatment of intestinal paresis in 545 children, aged from 1 day to 13 years, including 225 children operated upon for peritonitis is summarized. The authors differentiate 3 stages in the development of intestinal paresis depending on the degree of intensity of systemic and local disturbances. The employed methods of(More)