Dror M. Allon

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of decompression as the initial treatment for odontogenic cysts. STUDY DESIGN Pre- and postdecompression panoramic radiographs of 57 patients treated for 73 odontogenic cysts were reviewed for reduction parameters. Findings were evaluated against time of decompression and clinical and(More)
Carcinoma cuniculatum is a rare variant of carcinoma usually involving the foot. Only 13 cases have been described in the oral cavity, none of which was in the English-language literature. We describe a 56-year-old man who presented with a soft exophytic mass in the maxillary gingiva, alveolar bone destruction, and loosening of the teeth. Histopathologic(More)
INTRODUCTION Our objectives were to evaluate and quantify upper lip soft-tissue changes in the vertical dimensions both at rest and at maximum smile, and to examine the correlation between upper labial vestibular attachment height and maxillary gingival exposure on smiling. METHODS Seventy-two volunteers (36 men, 36 women) aged 20 to 40 (mean, 30.49(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this case series was to describe late complications of maxillary sinus augmentation procedures, including paranasal sinusitis and oroantral fistula, and to discuss the definitive surgical methods of treatment. STUDY DESIGN The case series included 13 patients hospitalized for a failed lateral-approach maxillary sinus(More)
To compare the spectrum of pathologies in ulcerated versus non-ulcerated exophytic oral mucosal lesions and explore the significance of surface ulceration as an indication of malignancy. Retrospective analysis of exophytic lesions of the oral mucosa, 2009-2011. 713 biopsies of exophytic lesions of oral mucosa were included, of which 9.4% were ulcerated.(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of the long-term administration of intranasal calcitonin spray for the treatment of central giant cell granuloma (CGCG) in a retrospective case study. STUDY DESIGN The medical files of 5 patients (4 male, 1 female; ages 8-66 years) with CGCG of the jaws treated with calcitonin nasal spray 200 U/spray(More)
BACKGROUND Gingiva that is prone to inflammation may serve as a pre-metastatic niche for the attraction of circulating malignant cells. The aim of this study is to analyze cases of metastatic lesions to the gingiva compared with cases metastasizing to other oral mucosal sites. The pathogenesis of gingival metastases is discussed, with emphasis on the role(More)
BACKGROUND Neurovascular hamartoma (NVH), in particular in the oral cavity, is rarely described in the literature. The low number of cases may reflect a genuine rarity of the lesion, or it may be due to its being unrecognized and/or under-reported. OBJECTIVES To investigate clinical and microscopic features of oral NVH and to define microscopic diagnostic(More)
This paper presents a new analysis of aspects of the descriptive epidemiology of multiple myeloma (MM) for parts of the U.K., 1984-1993. It provides no indication for geographical heterogeneity, nor is there evidence of a decline in rates over the decade. There is, however, evidence that cancer registration inflates MM rates in the elderly.
PURPOSE To evaluate the clinical appearance and rate of ulceration of oral mucosal malignancies, and to investigate the accuracy of clinical provisional diagnoses. METHODS A 10-year retrospective analysis, which included diagnostic biopsies of malignant tumors of the oral mucosa. The clinical provisional diagnoses were compared with final diagnoses. (More)