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This paper considers robust stability analysis for a matrix affected by LFT-based complex uncertainty (LFT for linear fractional transformation). A method is proposed to compute a bound on the amount of uncertainty ensuring robust root-clustering in a combination (intersection and/or union) of several possibly nonsymmetric half planes, discs, and exteriors(More)
This note comes back to the hard problem of pole placement by static output feedback: let a triplet of matrices ; ; be given with state variables, inputs and ouputs, find a matrix such that the spectrum of + equals a specified set. When + , a simple noniterative technique based upon the notion of eigenstructure that, in most cases, assigns + roots is(More)
In this paper, we present a linear quadratic design for uncertain systems in state space representation. The parameter uncertainty is structured and value bounded. We show also that with a controller of this type, the optimality of the LQ regulator is preserved in the presence of uncertainty. Copyright 01996 Elsevier Science Ltd.
The study of stability and/or stabilizability is, in general, based on one of the following techniques: the Lyapunov-Razumikhin method yielding delay-independent conditions (Hale, 1977; Hmamed, 1997; Li and Souza, 1996; 1997a; Mahmoud, 2000; Niculescu et al., 1994; Su, 1994; Su and Huang, 1992; Sun et al., 1997; Wang et al., 1987; Xu, 1995; Xu and Liu,(More)