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Gendering Urban Colonial Casablanca
Studies of the socially marginal and the subaltern peoples are still very scarce in the colonial and postcolonial period of North Africa. Sexuality, but more specifically prostitution and the worldExpand
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Africa and World War II: The Moroccan “Effort de Guerre” in World War II
Introduction In the dramatic accounts of the history of the Second World War in North Africa, it is often the famous meeting of Charles de Gaulle, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, GeneralExpand
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L’histoire mondial: perspectives et approches
espanolEl objetivo de este articulo es presentar los elementos esenciales de la perspectiva de la historia mundial tal como aparecen en varias producciones academicas anglosajonas. En su definicionExpand
Revisiting the colonial past in Morocco
Introduction - Driss Maghraoui Part I: Colonialism, Spacial Configurations and Science 1 The Mellah Without Walls: Jewish Space in a Moroccan City: Tangier, 1860-1912 - Susan Gilson Miller 2 ColonialExpand
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The goumiers in the Second World War: history and colonial representation
The participation of many thousands of troops recruited in France's overseas colonies, including many Moroccan infantrymen, known as ‘goumiers’, has been overlooked by historians and left out ofExpand
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