Driss M Badiane

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Topological Josephson junctions carry 4π-periodic bound states. A finite bias applied to the junction limits the lifetime of the bound state by dynamically coupling it to the continuum. Another characteristic time scale, the phase adjustment time, is determined by the resistance of the circuit "seen" by the junction. We show that the 4π periodicity(More)
We study Josephson junctions between superconductors connected through the helical edge states of a two-dimensional topological insulator in the presence of a magnetic barrier. As the equilibrium Andreev bound states of the junction are 4π periodic in the superconducting phase difference, it was speculated that, at finite dc bias voltage, the junction(More)
We obtain the general conditions for the emergence of odd-frequency superconducting pairing in a two-dimensional (2D) electronic system proximity coupled to a superconductor, making minimal assumptions about both the 2D system and the superconductor. Using our general results we show that a simple heterostructure formed by a monolayer of a group VI(More)
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