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This study was designed to determine the prevalence of colorectal neoplasia in healthy, asymptomatic adults with an age-related risk for colorectal neoplasia. Ninety patients were studied with air contrast barium enema and colonoscopy. The study population included 61 males and 21 females, with an age range of 51-82 yr (65 +/- 2 yr). Adenomatous polyps were(More)
Two experiments explored repetition priming for familiar voices and faces. Expt 1 revealed that, like faces, prior exposure to a voice in a gender judgment task speeds its subsequent classification as familiar or unfamiliar, some minutes later. Faces and voices do not prime one another, however; a result consistent with the notion that evidence is initially(More)
OBJECTIVE To prospectively determine the prevalence and clinical characteristics of short segments of specialized intestinal metaplasia in the distal esophagus. Short segment is defined as extending less than 2 cm proximal to the esophagogastric junction. This has been referred to by some investigators as "short segment Barrett's esophagus." METHODS One(More)
OBJECTIVE Using clinical practice guidelines, a registered nurse adjusted antireflux medications, evaluated esophageal biopsy reports, determined the interval between surveillance endoscopies, and provided education for patients with Barrett's esophagus. No previous reports have assessed the effectiveness or patient satisfaction associated with registered(More)
Recent work concerned with task performance under conditions of high arousal has emphasized the changes that appear to occur in the allocation of attention to different components of the task. Hockey (1970 a, b), for example, has shown that loud noise, which may be considered to raise arousal level (Broadbent, 1971; Davies, 1968; Hockey, 1969), biases(More)
The hypothesis that type A behaviour is associated with greater pressor response to stress was tested in a representative sample of 114 men aged 30-65 yr. Jenkins Activity Survey, Framingham and Bortner type A scores were related to blood pressure and heart rate under rest, serial reaction time, mental arithmetic, and noise conditions. Type A scores were(More)
In three exploratory studies, EEG changes were monitored while subjects performed a nine-digit recall task. Experiment 1 involved auditory presentation without practice or prior instruction. EEG characteristics measured before the task related to subsequent recall, EEG activation increased progressively during digit presentation and rehearsal, and several(More)
8 The mysterious absence of H I near a luminous QSO at z=2.168 (Paul Francis & Joss Bland-Hawthorn) 10 A significant new PNE population discovered in the LMC (Warren Reid & Quentin Parker) 13 KAOS Special – A summary of the science drivers & instrumental details for the KAOS concept 20 IRIS2: a multi-object spectrograph and imager (In this issue we focus on(More)
An in vitro electrical circuit was designed to measure conducted current in plastic-coated guidewires and standard guidewires inserted in a single lumen papillotome. Single lumen papillotomes, which are more flexible than double lumen papillotomes, require the removal of the guidewire before electrosurgery due to concern over conducted current. In an in(More)