Dries De Maeyer

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Molecular profiling experiments have become standard in current wet-lab practices. Classically, enrichment analysis has been used to identify biological functions related to these experimental results. Combining molecular profiling results with the wealth of currently available interactomics data, however, offers the opportunity to identify the molecular(More)
MOTIVATION Subtyping cancer is key to an improved and more personalized prognosis/treatment. The increasing availability of tumor related molecular data provides the opportunity to identify molecular subtypes in a data-driven way. Molecular subtypes are defined as groups of samples that have a similar molecular mechanism at the origin of the carcinogenesis.(More)
ϯ These authors contributed equally to this work Because of its clonal evolution a tumor rarely contains multiple genomic alterations in the same pathway, as disrupting the pathway by one gene often is sufficient to confer the complete fitness advantage. As a result mutated genes display patterns of mutual exclusivity across tumors. The identification of(More)
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