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We present a case of a previously well 24-year-old female patient who developed severe and life-threatening Irukandji syndrome that required ventilation and inotropic support. This case provides further evidence that there are jellyfish other than the Irukandji jellyfish that can cause cardiac decompensation, and there is a suggestion that application of a(More)
We report 3 cases of spotted fever group rickettsial infection (presumed Queensland tick typhus) in residents of northern Queensland, Australia, who had unusually severe clinical manifestations. Complications included renal failure, purpura fulminans, and severe pneumonia. Clinical illness caused by Rickettsia australis may not be as benign as previously(More)
Paraquat and diquat were shown to interfere significantly in the measurement of plasma creatinine by the alkaline picrate (Jaffé) reaction in a young man who ingested a massive dose of a mixture of the 2 herbicides. It is likely that these bipyridylium compounds react in a manner similar but at different rates compared with creatinine in the Jaffé reaction.
We describe an outbreak of hepatitis A that occurred in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a regional hospital in North Queensland. Seven people were infected including two patients, two close contacts of the index patient and three ICU nursing staff. The index case was admitted with an overdose and multiple trauma; he was not suspected to be incubating(More)
Three Indigenous Australian adults died of invasive pneumococcal disease, despite vaccination with the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine an average of 18 months previously. Pneumococcal isolates from the patients had serotypes that are included in the vaccine. Two of the adults were alcoholics and the other had heavy recent alcohol intake. The public(More)
Severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome as a result of assisted reproductive therapy occurs rarely. However, this iatrogenic condition can result in a life threatening illness with difficult management dilemmas for the attending physicians. A patient with severe adult respiratory distress syndrome and septicaemia after in vitro fertilization required(More)
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