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Text data such as online news and microblogs bear valuable insights regarding important events and responses to such events. Events are inherently temporal, evolving over time. Existing visual text analysis systems have provided temporal views of changes based on topical themes extracted from text data. But few have associated topical themes with events(More)
Recent research suggests that individual personality differences can influence performance with visualizations. In addition to stable personality traits, research in psychology has found that temporary changes in affect (emotion) can also significantly impact performance during cognitive tasks. In this paper, we show that affective priming also influences(More)
As data visualization becomes further intertwined with the field of graphic design and information graphics, small graphical alterations are made to many common chart formats. Despite the growing prevalence of these embellishments, their effects on communication of the charts’ data is unknown. From an overview of the design space, we have outlined some of(More)
Pie charts and their variants are prevalent in business settings and many other uses, even if they are not popular with the academic community. In a recent study, we found that contrary to general belief, there is no clear evidence that these charts are read based on the central angle. Instead, area and arc length appear to be at least equally important. In(More)
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