Drew P Kise

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This paper presents a simultaneous imaging method of temperature and ethanol concentration of ethanol–water mixtures in microfluidic channels. The principle is based on the facts that the absorbance at a wavelength of 1905 nm is dependent on the temperature of water and that the absorbance at 1935 nm is independent of the temperature but strongly dependent(More)
We report on a microfluidic mixer fabrication platform that increases the versatility and flexibility of mixers for biomolecular applications. A sandwich-format design allows the application of multiple spectroscopic probes to the same mixer. A polymer spacer is 'sandwiched' between two transparent windows, creating a closed microfluidic system. The(More)
We report a continuous-flow, microfluidic mixer utilizing mid-infrared hyperspectral imaging detection, with an experimentally determined, submillisecond mixing time. The simple and robust mixer design has the microfluidic channels cut through a polymer spacer that is sandwiched between two IR transparent windows. The mixer hydrodynamically focuses the(More)
We present the measurement of Cu(2+)-Cu(2+) and Cu(2+)-nitroxide distance distributions using double electron-electron resonance (DEER) on a proline-based peptide and an alanine-based peptide. The proline-based peptide contains two well-characterized Cu(2+) binding segments, PHGGGW, separated by seven proline residues. The alanine-based peptide contains a(More)
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