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The Quality Standards Subcommittee (QSS) of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) is charged with developing practice parameters for physicians. This evidence-based review addresses some of the major management issues in patients with ALS, and highlights the many areas in which more research is needed. JUSTIFICATION ALS is a progressive, degenerative(More)
While academic and practitioner literature has advocated the use of real options in firms' long-term investment appraisal processes, few studies have examined the extent to which real options are incorporated into decisions when they are available for decision-making. Using two experiments, we examine supervising managers' reliance on real options values in(More)
We conduct a laboratory experiment to examine how task difficulty, coupled with three different types of performance feedback, affects the compensation plans that individuals select. We examine fixed pay and performance-based pay that provides additional compensation for above-average performance. We find that participants are more likely to choose(More)
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