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STUDY DESIGN Review article. OBJECTIVES To provide a consensus expert review of the treatment modality for transanal irrigation (TAI). METHODS A consensus group of specialists from a range of nations and disciplines who have experience in prescribing and monitoring patients using TAI worked together assimilating both the emerging literature and rapidly(More)
  • D Leder
  • 1984
This paper suggests that the paradigm of the lived-body developed by Straus , Merleau - Ponty and others has important implications for medical practice and theory. Certain recognized flaws in modern medicine, such as its reductionist tendencies and lack of emphasis on preventive measures are shown to be related to the exclusive use of a Cartesian notion of(More)
Transanal irrigation is increasingly used against chronic constipation and fecal incontinence in selected patients. The aims were to estimate the incidence of irrigation-related bowel perforation in patients using the Peristeen Anal Irrigation® system, and to explore patient- and procedure-related factors associated with perforation. External independent(More)
Chronic chalazia that predominantly involve the anterior eyelid lamellae are most easily approached through a transcutaneous incision. We describe the use of an eyelid crease incision for chalazia of the upper lid as an alternative to incision directly over the lesion. The technique has been used successfully in 16 patients with anteriorly situated upper(More)
  • Drew Leder
  • 2005
Over decades, consciousness research has accumulated evidence of the real and measureable existence of "spooky actions at a distance"--modes of telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and the like. More recently scientists have begun rigorous study of the effects of distant healing intention and prayer vis-a-vis nonhuman living systems and patients in(More)
In outlet constipation an exact diagnostic evaluation is always necessary because of the different etiologies, multiple combinations in primary and secondary lesions and the number of therapeutic alternatives. Basic diagnostics start with the very important, structured evaluation of the patient's history, colorectal examination including inspection,(More)
This paper investigates the healer's touch in contemporary medical practice, with attention to both allopathic and alternative modalities. Healing is understood as the recovery of an integrated relationship between the self and its body, others, and the surrounding world-the relationship that illness has rendered problematic. In this context, touch can play(More)
Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) has developed into the standard procedure in the management of fecal incontinence in the past 20 years. The clinical benefit is reproducible and the patients achieve permanent satisfaction. The method has received high acceptance and continues to spread. This article highlights SNS use in practice in Germany in terms of the(More)
The pharmaceutical industry has undergone a vast expansion in the 20th and 21st centuries. This article explores the central role now played by pills in clinical practice, but also in the public imagination. First, this article analyzes four properties that, together, account for many of the promises and perils associated with pills: They are ingestible,(More)