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Experimental design strategies most often involve an initial choice of a classic factorial or response surface design and adapt that design to meet restrictions or unique requirements of the system under study. One such experience is described here, in which the objective was to develop an efficient experimental design strategy that would facilitate(More)
Reproductions of a 1903 and a 1904 Wright propeller have been tested in the Langley Full Scale Tunnel, and will be compared with the 1911 Wright brothers’ “bent end” propellers that were developed during their 1905 testing campaign. Wind tunnel testing was completed on December 29, 2000 and the purpose of this paper is to give a status report. Introduction(More)
A heavy truck wind tunnel test program is currently underway at the Langley Full Scale Tunnel (LFST). Seven passive drag reducing device configurations have been evaluated on a heavy truck model with the objective of understanding the practical limits to drag reduction achievable on a modern tractor trailer through add-on devices. The configurations tested(More)
Results from the Facility Analysis Verification and Operational Reliability project revealed a critical gap in capability in ground-based aeronautics research applications. Without a standardized process for check-loading the wind-tunnel balance or the model system, the quality of the aerodynamic force data collected varied significantly between facilities.(More)
NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and Old Dominion University (ODU) Department of Aerospace Engineering are collaborating to develop a methodology for dynamic modeling of aircraft using wind tunnel measurements. Aircraft experience unsteady and nonlinear aerodynamics that are currently misunderstood and difficult to model mathematically. NASA LaRC has(More)
A reproduction of the Wright 1901 Glider, built by The Wright Experience in Warrenton, Virginia, was wind tunnel tested at the Langley Full Scale Tunnel through a range of conditions similar to what was experienced 100 years ago. The testing included a range of dynamic pressures that encompassed the stall and maximum gliding speeds, angles of attack up to(More)
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