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Children from limited-English-proficient backgrounds are frequently assessed for the purposes of classification, educational placement decisions, and intervention planning. Problems inherent in the process of identifying their intellectual strengths and weaknesses are discussed, including questionable special education referrals, the use of English as the(More)
This module gives a brief introduction to models of disease transmission on contact networks. These models allow for exploration of stochastic effects and incorporation of more biological detail than the classical compartment-based ODE models. The module contains both conceptual and simulation-based exercises and projects. The former mainly illustrate some(More)
Zooplankton serve as an important link in marine ecosystem food webs, with accurate yet mathematically and computationally tractable models of zooplankton dynamics serving as an important component of large system models. Current models of zooplankton dynamics may have unnecessarily high dimensions resulting from tracking all stage classes or may lose(More)
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