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  • Timothy Buzzell, Drew Foss, Zack Middleton
  • 2006
Few studies draw upon contributions from criminology to develop empirical explanations for Internet pornography use. This study examines the relationship between low-self control (Gottfredson & Hirschi, 1990) and variations in two online behaviors: downloading pornographic images and visiting sexually explicit sites. Based on a survey of 134 Midwest(More)
Aqueous purine solutions in the absence and presence of NaCl have been studied by vapor-pressure osmometry and high-resolution proton-magnetic-resonance spectroscopy. The presence of NaCl causes a marked change in the temperature dependence of the molal osmotic coefficient and the chemical shift of the purine resonances when compared with the corresponding(More)
To elicit information on endoscope cleaning practices and the perceived risk of cross-infection, questionnaires were mailed to 500 physicians and 1,000 gastroenterology nurses and associates in November and December 1991. The survey results indicated that while the majority (83% of nurse/associates and 82% of physicians) expressed satisfaction with current(More)
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