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May-Thurner syndrome is a rarely diagnosed condition in which patients develop iliofemoral deep venous thrombosis (DVT) due to an anatomical variant in which the right common iliac artery overlies and compresses the left common iliac vein against the lumbar spine. This variant has been shown to be present in over 20% of the population; however, it is rarely(More)
BACKGROUND Although type 2 respiratory failure is a plausible late presentation for laryngeal tumours, very little published literature is available to support this theory. METHODS This paper describes the unusual presentation of a subglottic tumour with uncompensated type 2 respiratory failure. RESULTS The patient was initially managed with biphasic(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the efficacy of normal saline as a culture medium for the rapid growth and detection of Candida. STUDY DESIGN During a six-month period in 1995, the authors examined 302 patients with vulvovaginal complaints. A wet smear diagnosis was accomplished in 271 patients; 31 had symptoms suggestive of a Candida infection, which was not(More)
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