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A Description of Sexual Offending Committed by Canadian Teachers
The aim of this investigation was to describe teachers who sexually offend against youth and the circumstances related to these offenses. Archival Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System reports wereExpand
Hypersexuality and Recidivism among Sexual Offenders
Hypersexuality is a dimensional indicator of sexual interest and behavior and typically includes the frequency, intensity, and time consumed by sexual activity. Hypersexuality has been identified asExpand
Problematic Hypersexuality: A Review of Conceptualization and Diagnosis
There has been considerable debate regarding the conceptualization and diagnosis of individuals exhibiting problematic hypersexuality. Various terms such as sexual addiction, sexual compulsivity, andExpand
Pornography use and sexual aggression: the impact of frequency and type of pornography use on recidivism among sexual offenders.
In this study, we examined the unique contribution of pornography consumption to the longitudinal prediction of criminal recidivism in a sample of 341 child molesters. We specifically tested theExpand
The Importance of Individual Differences in Pornography Use: Theoretical Perspectives and Implications for Treating Sexual Offenders
This article reviews the extant literature regarding pornography's influence on antisocial attitudes, sexual arousal, and sexually aggressive behavior in both noncriminal and criminal samples. TheExpand
Recidivism in pedophiles: an investigation using different diagnostic methods
The relationship between pedophilia and recidivism was examined in a sample of 206 extra-familial child molesters assessed at a university teaching hospital between 1982 and 1992. To addressExpand
The Self-Regulation Model of Sexual Offending: The Relationship Between Offence Pathways and Static and Dynamic Sexual Offence Risk
T. Ward and S. M. Hudson (1998) have proposed a self-regulation model of the offence process which is specific to sexual offenders and which attempts to account for the deficiencies in theExpand
Comparing indicators of sexual sadism as predictors of recidivism among adult male sexual offenders.
OBJECTIVE In this longitudinal study, the predictive validity of a psychiatric diagnosis of sexual sadism was compared with three behavioral indicators of sadism: index sexual offense violence,Expand
A multisite examination of sexual violence risk and therapeutic change.
OBJECTIVE We conducted a prospective multisite examination of sexual offender risk and treatment change on a large federal Canadian sample of 676 treated sex offenders followed up for an average ofExpand