Drazen Bajer

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The feature selection problem often occurs in pattern recognition and, more specifically, classification. Although these patterns could contain a large number of features, some of them could prove to be irrelevant, redundant or even detrimental to classification accuracy. Thus, it is important to remove these kinds of features, which in turn leads to(More)
The initial population of an evolutionary algorithm is an important factor which affects the convergence rate and ultimately its ability to find high quality solutions or satisfactory solutions for that matter. If composed of good individuals it may bias the search towards promising regions of the search space right from the beginning. Although, if no(More)
In this paper, we have considered the merging problem of two ellipsoidal clusters in order to construct a new fusion algorithm for fuzzy clustering. We have proposed a criterion for merging two ellipsoidal clusters π1, π2 with associated main Mahalanobis circles Ej(cj , σj), where cj is the centroid and σ 2 j is the Mahalanobis variance of cluster πj .(More)
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