Drasko Nakic

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We want to introduce a lightweight system for arrhythmia recognition. The system is intended for outdoor use and is supposed to be implemented in mobile devices, primarily smart phones and smartwatches. We are only concerned about extracting pulses from an ECG stream and passing them to an Arrhythmia Recognition Module - ARM. These two basic tasks should be(More)
In this paper we introduce an application layer for mobile devices that delivers knowledge sharing and remote collaboration to the end users. This layer is a part of a much wider knowledge sharing system called Internet Medical Consultant. Our main focus is on the user interface and data processing according to the mobility issues of the application. This(More)
The Internet Medical Consultant - IMC is a knowledge sharing system for physicians. The system's main purpose is to collect and store the communication between its users and to provide easy retrieval of stored information. The system provides access to human generated knowledge at the point of care. Having that kind of knowledge at hand can be very helpful(More)
Medicine is a very complex science organized in a variety of disciplines. It is very difficult for a medical professional to rely only on his knowledge gained through school and practice. Aside of already known PDA medical assistants, intra-hospital consultations, web-forums, etc., our goal is to leverage the power of modern ICT to provide a system(More)
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