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A simulation-based algorithm for the Permutation Flowshop Sequencing Problem (PFSP) is presented. The algorithm uses Monte Carlo Simulation and a discrete version of the triangular distribution to incorporate a randomness criterion in the classical Nawaz, Enscore, and Ham (NEH) heuristic and starts an iterative process in order to obtain a set of(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined sleep, daytime sleepiness and the ability to stay awake during the day in patients affected with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), to further delineate the role of photoreceptors in the circadian cycle. METHODS Twelve individuals diagnosed with RP (40 +/- 8 years) And 12 normally sighted healthy individuals (39 +/- 7 years) matched for age,(More)
Explaining the (mis)behavior of virtual machines in large-scale cloud environments presents a number of challenges with respect to both scale and making sense of torrents of datacenter telemetry emanating from multiple levels of the stack. In this paper we leverage VM-similarity to explain the behavior or performance of a VM using its cohort as a reference(More)
Large-scale distributed systems, such as Overnet, BOINC (SETI@home) or PlanetLab, provide attractive options through aggregation and sharing of heterogeneous and geographically dispersed computer resources. However, in order to be efficient, these systems need to consider some issues related to the Reliability and Availability (R&A) levels of their(More)
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