Dragos George Iorgulescu

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Prophylactic mastectomy (PM) is a risk-management option for women at high familial risk of breast cancer (BC). This study describes the PM experience of women enrolled in a large observational cohort study involving families with a history of hereditary breast cancer. Within 357 multiple-case BC families [119 (33%) BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation positive],(More)
BACKGROUND Detection of malignant cells in bone marrow and peripheral blood of patients with solid tumours at the time of surgery is increasingly emerging as a prognostic factor for disease progression and a way of monitoring adjuvant therapies. Furthermore, isolation and characterization of these cells provide insight into the early metastatic process,(More)
BACKGROUND Portal vein resection (PVR) with pancreatectomy is now accepted practice in cases with involvement by tumour. We present our experience of this procedure with particular emphasis on morbidity and survival. METHODS A retrospective case-control analysis of a prospectively maintained database between 2004 and 2012 was undertaken. A total of 17(More)
Any instrument that takes the tedium out of surgical dissection is always welcome. We are taking the initiative to popularize the hand-held hook diathermy for the benefit of the surgical fraternity. Practice of surgery dictates dissection along the anatomical planes, minimization of blood loss and prevention of damage to the surrounding vital organs. The(More)
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