Dragos Datcu

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Our project focused on recognizing emotion from human brain activity, measured by EEG signals. We have proposed a system to analyze EEG signals and classify them into 5 classes on two emotional dimensions, valence and arousal. This system was designed using prior knowledge from other research, and is meant to assess the quality of emotion recognition using(More)
The paper highlights the performance of video sequence-oriented facial expression recognition using Active Appearance Model -- AAM, in a comparison with the analysis based on still pictures. The AAM is used to extract relevant information regarding the shapes of the faces to be analyzed. Specific key points from a Facial Characteristic Point - FCP model are(More)
* 0-7803-8566-7/04/$20.00  2004 IEEE. Abstract The current paper addresses the aspects related to the development of an automatic probabilistic recognition system for facial expressions in video streams. The face analysis component integrates an eye tracking mechanism based on Kalman filter. The visual feature detection includes PCA oriented recognition(More)
Our software demo package consists of an implementation for an automatic human emotion recognition system. The system is bi-modal and is based on fusing of data regarding facial expressions and emotion that has been extracted from speech signal. We have integrated Viola&Jones face detector (OpenCV), Active Appearance Model – AAM (AAM-API) for extracting the(More)
Multimodal applications stand for the missing chain to overcome the limitations of classical multimedia processing tools currently used. Therefore data fusion is seen as a very active research field and is also set to grow in importance in the coming years. At Delft University of Technology there is a project running on the development of a software(More)
Knowing the situational information about the current world is the precondition for setting goals and domains of actions. Special events in the world can also be used to initiate new actions or interrupt ongoing processes. A prototype of a communication interface has been developed which enables users to create visual messages to represent concepts or ideas(More)