Dragos-Anton Manolescu

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Payloads is applicable to any instance where different entities communicate by exchanging messages. It facilitates decreased coupling between messages and the entities that operate with them. The Module data protocol offers several solutions for the inter-module message passing mechanism and could be employed by any modular application. Out-of-band and(More)
This paper presents an infrastructure for process and product models where structural coupling plays a central role. It begins with two sections that introduce process and product models. Then the third section describes the components of a common infrastructure. This is a domain model engine that relies on some powerful metaphors. We describe these(More)
Although orchestration represents a key component of Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), few adopters of service orientation actually use it. In spite of available standards and products, aggressive marketing has forced many users to jump on the SOA bandwagon ill-prepared to use the technology. We are developing a pattern language to bring the state of(More)