Dragomir D. Dimitrijevic

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We discuss the relevance of the classical and quantum rolling tachy-ons inflation in the frame of the standard, p-adic and adelic minisu-perspace quantum cosmology. The field theory of tachyon matter proposed by Sen in a zero-dimensional version suggested by Kar leads to a model of a particle moving in a constant external field with quadratic damping. We(More)
Since its detection in Portugal in 1999, the pinewood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Steiner and Buhrer), a causal agent of Pine Wilt Disease, represents a threat to European forestry. Significant amount of money has been spent on its monitoring and eradication. This paper presents mathematical analysis of spread of pine wilt disease using a set of(More)
Satellite communications [1] is an evolving technology with a variety of telecommunications applications [7]. A comprehensive overview of satellite communications systems may be found in [6]. Description of satellite communications subsystems is described in [2] and [4]. Authors in [3] emphasize advantage in broadcasting that satellite communications(More)
^ We investigate the problem of management and control in a large and, for simplicity, homogeneous packet-switched network. In particular, routing is considered as an important function of network management. The network consists of several individually controlled domains. Domains are interconnected via gateway links. Each domain is controlled by its own(More)