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The age of the brachiopod limestones from Guča, western Serbia
The asymmetric rhynchonellide brachiopod Cyclothyris? globata (ARNAUD, 1877) has a large distribution in the Coniacian, Santonian and Campanian outcrops of the western Tethys. The species hasExpand
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The Ammonites of the Bifrons Zone (Toarcian, Lower Jurassic) from Mihailovići (Northern Montenegro)
The base of the red pelagic nodular limestones exposed near the Mihailovići Pass (Northern Montenegro) yielded condensed Toarcian fossil assemblage consisting uniquely of ammonites. The ammonitesExpand
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Trans-border (east Serbia/west Bulgaria) correlation of the morpho-tectonic structures
In the Bulgarian and Serbian geological literatures, many maps, both geological and tectonic, exist showing the structures, but limiting them nationally. There are very few publications correlatingExpand
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The Middle Cenomanian basal series of Planinica, Western Serbia
Sedimentary rocks of the Upper Cretaceous basal series found at the village of Planinica, Western Serbia, are composed of thick coarse clastics and beds and intercalations of medium- to fine-grainedExpand
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The quality of coal and hydrogeological characteristics in deposit 'Delići and Peljave-Tobut' near Ugljevik
Geological study of 'Delici and Peljave - Tobut' coal deposit, located in north-eastern part of the Republic of Srpska (BH with major coal reserves) and the younger one - Upper coal seam, which is ofExpand
Trans-border (South-Eastern Serbia/South-Western Bulgaria) correlations of the Jurassic sediments: The Getic and Supra-Getic units
The Getic and Supra-Getic are palaeogeographic units in SE Serbia and SW Bulgaria. Based on the presence (in Eastern) or absence (in Western) of Lower Jurassic marine deposits, the Getic is dividedExpand
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Trans-border (east Serbia/west Bulgaria) correlation of the Jurassic sediments: Main Jurassic paleogeographic units
In the region across the Serbian/Bulgarian state border, there are individualized 5 Jurassic paleogeo- graphic units (from West to East): (1) the Thracian Massif Unit without Jurassic sediments; (2)Expand
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Trans-border (south-east Serbia/west Bulgaria) correlations of the Jurassic sediments: Infra-Getic Unit
The Infra-Getic Unit is a palaeogeographic unit, predestined by palaeotectonics. From the point of view of geological heritage, it represents a geosites framework. For the purpose of the correlation,Expand
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