Dragisa Stanujkic

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In some cases of using multi-criteria decision making methods for solving real-world problems ratings of alternatives cannot be determined precisely, and that is why they are expressed in the form of intervals. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to extend the MOORA method for solving decision making problems with interval data. By extending the ratio(More)
This paper proposes a new multi-attribute ranking procedure based on distance from decision-maker preferences. This method has two phases. In the first phase, the decision maker is asked to define the preferred performance for each attribute. In the second phase, Weighted Sum method and new distance-based normalization procedure are used to determine the(More)
The comminution process, particularly grinding, is very important in the mineral processing industry. Some characteristics of ore particles, which occur as a product of grinding process, have a significant impact on the effects of further ore processing. At the same time, this process requires a significant amount of energy which significantly affects the(More)
This paper proposes an extension of the ARAS method which, due to the use of intervalvalued fuzzy numbers, can be more appropriate for solving real-world problems. In order to overcome the complexity of real-world decision-making problems, the proposed extension also includes the use of linguistic variables and a group decision making approach. In order to(More)
In the hiring process at companies, decision makers have underused the methods of the multi-criteria decision-making processes of selection of personnel. Therefore, this paper aims to establish a framework for the selection of candidates during the process of the recruitment and selection of personnel based on the SWARA and ARAS methods under uncertainties.(More)
At the time when employees nowdays represent an important resource in achieving business success, there is an increasing focus on the process of recruitment and selection of personnel, because every company seeks to fill a vacant position with the best candidates, ie. those who best meet the requirements of the job. Therefore, this paper will propose an(More)
In a competitive environment, e-commerce companies should give more importance to their web sites. Therefore, this paper proposes an easy-to-use framework for evaluating the performance of e-commerce Web sites, based on fuzzy compromise programming. The proposed framework is also used for evaluating web sites of some e-Commerce companies in Serbia.
The goal of this manuscript is to provide an efficient approach to the process of the recruitment and selection of candidates in the mining industry. The proposed approach is based on the use of MCDM models for personnel selection in the mining industry; the approach will provide an MCDM model for the personnel selection based on the SWARA ant the(More)
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